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And the week just keeps pouring it on.

Because of the new battery that I got installed into the Pimp Daddy Van, my radio needs a code to be entered in order to work... a code I do not have of course. And my dealer? They don't have it on file. Of course. And they're not open on Sundays.

So tomorrow morning, before all this hard work I need to do on Leather Pride Night, I'll be up at 7 AM, driving to the Brooklyn dealership to get the car and and pay them probably another $200 to pull out the radio, look up the code, and tell it to me.


And then to make this weekend just super, it looks like I'm going to miss Folsom Street East on Sunday, an event I always look forward to all year long. This would be the 1st FSE I have ever missed... I've been there since the very beginning. Instead, I'll be at work spending lots of quality time with Powerpoint.

I'm really hating life right now.

Edit: OK, I negotiated with Honda so that they'll get me my code for free. Go go Jewish negotiation skills!

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