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Happy Leather Pride!!!

I have radio again. It required getting up at 6:30 AM in Brooklyn, driving to my Honda dealership just to find out they can't do it today, almost driving to another Honda dealership before finding they couldn't do it today, running upstairs and down like a maniac at my parents place on an attempt to find out my radio code through the web which failed, resolving to buy a new radio and driving to Circuit City before they opened just to find out they can't put in a new radio without damaging my navigation system, and then finally going to a Manhattan Honda dealership to pay a guy $80 under the table to get my code.

*pant pant pant*

It's been a long morning, folks.

But I'm putting it all behind me, because I'm home now, I going to jump in the shower soon, get dressed into THE PANTS, and head my way to Splash for Leather Pride Night.

Because it's Leather Pride Weekend!!! My favorite weekend of the year in NYC!

And I have a lot to be proud about.

Happy Pride everyone. Hope to see a lot of you tonight at LPN!

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