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I feel like I'm moving!

I think I just finished packing for Leather Retreat which starts tomorrow. By my last count, I am bring 7-8 bags of varying sizes. One bag for clothes, one bag just for a pair of boots and a fan, one bag with singletails, one bag with floggers, one bag with assorted toys such as stun guns, clothespins, and lots of metal cuffs, one bag with the air mattress and sheets, one bag with the Nasty Pig playsheets, one bag with towels and a straight jacket.

And a cane case. Of course.

I plan on being a total whore at camp. Hurrah!

Tomorrow morning I throw in some last minute toiletries, and I'm done. *whew*

In another tangent... I have to say, I'm having a lot of fun with men lately. These past 2 years have brought me closer to the men's leather community than I have ever been before. I recently joined Recon, and I'm having a blast running into all my friends. Just got into a message exchange with one of the IML competitors, which is really cool. It's nice to know Recon might keep me in touch with these men.

Yeah, I'm kind of boy crazy right now.

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