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Fish! Aka - not a post about sex or me being emo.

It's been a whole lot of time since I've last did a fish post. I recentely had to hit the reset button on my fish tank as hair algae completely took it over. My tank looked like it had grown a full green beard, and while I love facial hair, this was not what I had in mind for a fish tank.

So, I took my one remaining fish out, my original been with me for three years Asshole who will follow me into my grave angel fish, and threw out everything else in the tank. New gravel, new decorations, new filter, everything. That was two weeks ago.

Since the change, Asshole had gone all emo on me. He just sat in one corner and stared out to the distance. He refused to eat - food would just bonk him on his idiotic head - and would languish there like a Jewish grandmother sitting in the dark.

So yesterday, off to the fish store it was to buy new tank mates to wake up Asshole from his slumber. It worked.

In a new turn of events for my traditional fish posts, instead of a textual tour, we will show you pretty pictures!

Here is the tank full on. Pretty!

Full tank profile

It was decided that the way to kick Asshole back into gear was to get some friends - in the guise of two more angel fish! The Asshole is in the back. Up front is "Koi," and the one in black is "Blackie." I was afraid that the three would start fighting, but they seem to really enjoy swimming back and forth together.

The terrible trio of angels

Here is a side view. On the lower right you can see my three new clown loaches. I love these fish - they really do clown around, springing up and down the side of the tank for no reason whatsoever. Also in there are two rounded cory cats, but I couldn't get a good photo of them.

Ship front

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