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Asshole - RIP

Today, my oldest fish, Asshole, died.

He was a good fish, even if he was an asshole.

I had him for three years. He was one the 3rd fish I bought when I first started this tank oh so long ago. Somehow he survived my bungling efforts to keep a tank when I really didn't know what I was doing. Despite all his original tank mates quickly passing, Asshole persevered.

When I bought him, he was oh so small. A beautiful a little thing, fluttering this way and that throughout my tank. So pretty, so cute.

Then he grew.

As he grew, so did his hunger. If known for anything, it was for being a voracious eater. Whenever anyone, and I do mean anyone, approached the tank, he looked at them with excitement. Because someone approaching the tank must have meant that he was about to receive his greatest treasure - food. And oh he would eat. He would eat all he could find near him, and then chase away other fish and eat the food near them. I would drop pellets for my loaches, and after he was done with the flakes, he would eat those too.

And five minutes after the feeding frenzy ended, he would look at you expectantly, as if to say... "That's it?"

He was a half of an inch when I bought him. Today, he was over 6 inches wide. A true monster of the tank.

I wanted to give him the traditional burial at sea (toilet), but alas, he was too big.

When he first stopped eating two weeks ago, I knew the end was near. Asshole not eating was true testimony that he was ready for the next plane of fishy existence.

He died amongst the company of other fish, in a similar way to humans. As he died, the loaches argued amongst themselves who would get his possessions.

Goodbye Asshole. I miss you already.

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