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Things on a Monday.

Spent most of this weekend cleaning my apartment. It's a long overdue project that really needed to be done. It's amazing how much larger my studio apartment feels now - I really do have a floor!

Unfortunately, I still need to do my kitchen and bathroom. *groan* If only I could wiggle my nose and it would be done. Or if I had that magical broom in Fantasia.

Where would you buy cheap yet stylish rugs in the NYC area other than IKEA? Seriously considering an IKEA run soon.

I forgot my phone at home today. Which means no texts from sexy girls throughout the day. Le Sad. I feel naked without my phone.

Saw The Dark Knight on Saturday. Um, wow. Heath Ledger = the best Joker ever. I'm so sad we'll never get to see it again.

Played poker with the boys yesterday. Well, the boys + Lolita. In a conversation last night I argued that Lolita counts as one of the boys in this case. Discuss.

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