Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Tuesday's musings.

I haz new rugs. My apartment looks sooooooo much better now. lolitasir and I had fun at IKEA eating meatballs.

Have company coming over tonight to clean my bathroom. I'm doing the kitchen. It's all coming together.

I have an art conundrum. I have more art than I have walls. I'm thinking about rotating some of my art.

My apartment is literally an IKEA showroom. I wanted to attempt to start a new meme that calls for listing all the IKEA products one owns, but a lot of my stuff isn't sold there anymore, and I don't know the names. But let's see... from IKEA I own:

Entertainment center, computer table and shelves, 3 wardrobes, coffee table, 5 rugs of varying sizes, 5 lamps/lights, 5 picture frames, countless kitchen products, one shelving unit in the bathroom, and countless bathroom products. Plus pillows, a comforter cover, and more I'm sure.

*shrug* Guess I should have been Swedish.

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