Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

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A Hump Day that feels like a Tuesday.

Short weeks throw me off. Which is a good thing, because I become extra pleasantly surprised when Friday rolls around.

There has been such a proliferation of beautiful feet in sandals around where I work that my neck hurts. Not that I am complaining... not. at. all.

I'm literally drunk on life right now. Dunno how I got here, but I'm loving it.

Last night I walked by a Best Buy back and forth from my chiropractor appointment. Seems that the New Kids on the Block were making a store appearance there, and the line to see them snaked down the block. As I scanned the crowd, I realized it was all the screaming 13-17 year olds that went ga ga when they first arrived. Now they were all grown up, standing in line all patient and calm, probably talking about their marriages and careers.

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