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Thursday's musings.

I'd really like to avoid all of the memorial services for the anniversary of 9/11, but my company is making it hard by airing CNBC in the main lobby. I can hear the bagpipes playing on TV from my office.

Today is my Friday, as tomorrow I will be off to Delta to play with the men. Happiness and excitement doesn't cover my opinions on this. Delta has been for years my little Jewish joke... "Ah, next year in Jerusalem." I'm happy that I will be finally making it to this event.

I'm looking forward to being with friends and playmates, especially my one and only Playmate, bostontim.

My thoughts are with someone very close and dear to me today. You know who you are, and you know I'm there with you.

I'm awash in love from the south and the north of me. It's a really nice feeling.

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