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Thorny love.

Another birthday has come and gone.

I had a lovely weekend in sunny California, teaching at Folsom Fringe and spending my birthday at the Folsom Street Fair.

I might write more, but I'm operating right now on 3 hours of sleep. Yes, Boymeats can run on fumes.

Suffice to say, the highlight of the weekend was traveling with my sis lolitasir, time with my Leather Family, and the most special, spending my birthday weekend with kathryntact.

I was bought quite the birthday present - probably the meanest toy in my arsenal now. But none of you have to worry, this is strictly a one person toy, and it now has kathryntact's DNA all over it.

It's a cane duly inspired by a rose stem. A thick piece of wood with resin thorns sharpened to quite the point attached all over the cane. Every tap is a puncture, backed by the weight of the cane. It's a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of work made by Torturewood, and had all the sadists circling. The guy who made it was jumping for joy that not only was it being bought, but it would actually be used.

A picture of my present, and some of the aftermath, after the cut. Not work safe, natch.


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