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I had fun at Black Rose.

Black Rose was a fun event for me. Let's list why.

Things That Are Hot

1) Singletailing a very special girl as she alternated between being a 5 year old and cumming uncontrollably. *crack* Giggle. *crack* Shudders and comes hard. *crack* Giggle. *crack* Shudders and comes. Repeat 5x or so.

2) During my piss play class, forcing a certain humiliation slut to piss on my Doc Martins, then grabbing her by the hair and shoving her mouth on them. While she cleaned them off with her tongue and hair, I aim downwards and piss all over the back of her head.

3) Showing a crackhead little boy that it is indeed possible to cum just from stroking that hard packing cock she had on. Watching her see stars afterwords. Good boy.

4) Singletailing a beautiful redheads private parts NEVER disappoints.

5) Hearing a hot mohawked and bearded victim moan and grunt and scream as I punch and kicked her around the room like a thug.

Things That Are Lovely

1) Amazing amounts of special quality time with my leather family, including 3 meals, time in the dungeon, and in vending. Being with my Momma Bear, my Uncle, and my Sis.

2) Seeing happiness in new connections bloom all around me. Watching 2 teenagers neck their way through every meal together.

3) Catching up with old friends, remembering the days back when.

4) New friend and play connections, feeling welcomed, being comfortable with my surroundings.

Things That Are Shocking

1) I slept good amounts!

2) I ate (somewhat) well!

Good event. Night all.

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