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The sky must be falling.

As is being reported on LJs all across my friend's list, the lines at the polls are unbelievably long. I was thwarted in my attempt to vote this morning and still not be late to work - even when leaving a half hour early. I'll go back and vote after work while being thankful for living in New York, which has the latest poll close of all the eastern states (9 PM). Sure, NY will be long decided by then, but I want my number counted.

What is amazing is all of the rabid interest in this election. Election after election I can remember stories about low voter turnout, empty polls, and lack of interest. It's delightful to see this reemergence of interest in our country's leadership. It's actually quite inspiring.

Speaking of things that are shocking, I suppose I should post about this one before anyone else does. Might was well concentrate the shock here.

I am probably well-known by many to be an avid non-practisioner of rope bondage. I do not own a stitch of rope, I usually fuck up square knots, and I am known to grab a pile of rope and do the only thing I can imagine doing with it - hit people with it.

So imagine my shock, not to mention the shock of everyone around me, when I found myself assisting in a rope suspension.

And when I say assisting, I do not mean spotting. I mean hoisting her up, and even tying four finishing knots. And tying them well, I might add.

It probably helped that the bottom in question, a little sick fuck who I have now nicknamed Crackhead, gets off on rope burns. And my pull literally tore off skin on her leg. I have never seen such excitement over a rope burn in my life.

Afterwords I helped untie her. Without any assistance from others.

I feel weird now.

Boymeat does rope?


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