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Strange endings to potential calamaties.

I've had two strange experiences recently that could have ended in minor disasters. And while they both resolved in the best ways possible, I'm left feeling... off... over both of them.

1) The dog.

Yesterday morning, lolitasir and I went out to our favorite bagel shop to chat over coffee. As soon as we sat down, I noticed an adorable, but somewhat sad looking dog tied to a parking meter. I commented on it to Lolita, and she mentioned that it was fine and normal, and it's owner would probably be out soon. We gabbed away, I ate my bagel, and I noticed that the dog was still there, still looking pretty darn pitiful at anyone who would walk by. Lolita and I took our time, and before you knew it, it had been a half hour, and the dog was still there. Plus, there was no one in the bagel shop who was in there when we got there, nor people who were behind us in line.

We grew a little concerned, and went out to check on the dog. It was then we learned from two shopkeepers on the block that the dog had been there, all alone, since 11 AM. It was now 1:15 PM. No tags on the dog, no identification whatsoever. I went into the bagel shop to get some water for the poor pup (which was ignored) while I called 311 to be connected to animal services. At the same time, an elderly woman with two pugs shows up and rants and raves about how the owners should be arrested.

Finally, just as I was about to get on the phone with an animal services rep, a guy comes bouncing over and says that it is his dog. He instantly unties the dog and thanks me for my concern, and clearly tries to get out of there quickly. Of course the elderly woman starts shouting that he should be arrested. We learn that his wife, who is apparently sick, forgot the dog there. He thanks, yells at the woman a bit, and walks away, the dog absolutely ecstatic to be going anywhere but where he was.

Now, the guy knows his dog has been there all alone outside for 2.5 hours. He knows (because I told him) that I was calling animal services, and it was very likely the dog could have been put down. He knows the dog could have been easily stolen by anyone in that huge amount of time. Does he lean down and pet his dog? Tell the dog it's OK, and reassure it? Do anything nice at all? Nope... just grabs the leash and away he goes. His lack of sensitivity really bothered me.

2) The bike and the cab.

Tonight, as I was a block and a half away from my apartment building on my return home, I watched a delivery man on a bicycle speed his way the wrong way on a one-way street, right into a major avenue with traffic having the green light. I was but feet away as a cab driver driving a mini-van slammed on his brakes hard, but still couldn't avoid clipping the bike's rear tire, sending the delivery man crashing to the pavement. I ran over to the delivery guy to see if he was OK. Either it was shock or he didn't speak much English, but eventually he said, "Yes, OK," rubbed his legs, checked out his bike, and started to get back on it. The cab driver is standing outside his cab worrying if the man was alright, and somewhat incredulous over this guy speeding into oncoming traffic. There was no way the driver could have avoided hitting the bike.

As soon as the delivery guy started to pick up his bike, a flash of lights comes from my left. It would appear that a cop was coming down the avenue the other way, and must have seen the crash and put his lights on to come check it out, right? Nope. At a stopped intersection, he put his lights on to tell the car in front of him to pull over, seemingly to give that driver some ticket or another. The cab stopped at the side of the street? The bike on the ground with a guy shakily getting back up? Me and one or two other onlookers looking left and right in confusion? All ignored by the cop. Completely.

Thankfully, everyone was alright in the crash. Bike guy rode away. Cab driver had no damage to his cab and went off on his way. And the cop was busy at the driver's side window of the car he had pulled over. Me? I stood there wondering why the cop was there, and not where he should have been.

Strange. All very strange.


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