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A good Saturday.

When you give not one, not two, but THREE hot fucking men their first canings, with one of them in a class in front of 40 people and ending with a 6-of-the-best English caning, you have had a good Saturday.

My class at GMSMA's Leatherfest rocked the house. And the NY boys of Leather party at the Stonewall was fun fun fun! We spent our time in the Gear Room, gabbing with friends and caning them too. So much hotness. So much men. So much... yum!!!

I also volunteered for the Leather Pride Night Flea Market. Me and the Pimp Daddy Van (tm) served as transportation for the items to and from the LPN storage locker. When putting away the items at the end of the evening, I finally succumbed and admitted my burning passion for a woman we have been trying desperately to sell for three years. Since no one wants her, I'll take her.

A picture of my new girlfriend and I, taken by the uberhot mondragon, sits behind the cut.

My New Girlfriend

Edit: lolitasir has a photo on her recent post that shows how my new girlfriend and I bonded.

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