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The train is booked, a Boston here I come! Gonna try out that new Amtrak Acela train... something like 150 mph on the old Northeast Corridor tracks. Should be pretty cool... I'll get on the train, do 2 bloody mary's, one breakfast wrap, and it'll be smooth sailing all the way to Boston.

Tonight I spend with Tessa, which I am so happy about. I think we both just need to curl up together... we both need the hugs! And she is wooooonderful to curl up with. Yumm yumm!

Sat and Sun I spend with the tall sexy one... which should be most interesting indeed. ::singing::: Rolling... rolling... rolling on a river....

Now to listen to more of the Kinsey Sicks... I am so in love with these guys...err..girls...err... whatevah! Go check them out.

Things I am missing - Turns out one of my other Boston friends is having a birthday party - him and a whole truckload of girls. Sometimes, I hate him. I also got invited to a birthday party NEXT weekend

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