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Fantasies. I has them.

Every once in a while, when I'm feeling truly self-masochistic, I'll browse through the forums on FetLife. Now, a lot of people have heaped praise on this site, and it's very nice, but the forums? It's the same crap found on countless email groups, just in a different format. Lots of people spending too much time on the computer without getting a breath of fresh air.

And rummaging through some of the posts, I start to fantasize about things.

1- Running through posts quickly, and leaving the most simplistic, purest comment I can - "You're an idiot." Repeat 100x.

2- Anyone bringing up another SSC vs. RACK debate will spontaneously explode. (Of course, I'm an idiot and responded. So I get the 2nd penalty of getting bitchslapped.)

3- Anyone who debates the tenants of Real Dominance or Real Submission gets sterilized from having offspring. Yeah, that may not have wanted to anyway, but I'd rather just avoid all possibilities, thanks.

4- People who believe there is no such thing as a switch or a bisexual get sent to the Amish country, seeing as they clearly want to remain in a civilization long forgotten by the modern world.

5- Going back to the commenting "You're an idiot" one. I'm really liking that idea right now.

Wait. What am I saying? I consensually went through the formus!

I'm the idiot. Right.

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