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Someone come tuck me in please.

To say I'm tired is the understatement of the century.

Another evening of hospital fun with my family, this time my mother's turn. She had already been in for a brief stay due to congestive heart failure two weeks ago. Yesterday morning she woke up with an intense reaction to what we do not know, and it was bad enough that an ambulette was called. Unfortunately, they brought her to Coney Island Hospital instead of her preferred Memorial-Sloan.

NY'ers - please do not ever allow your loved ones to go to Coney Island Hospital. Ever.

Suffice to say, she was received by the emergency room at 12:30 PM, and by the time I got there at 8:30 PM, she was still on a bed in a random hallway, having not eaten nor received medication all day, and was crying her eyes out. Mind you, this was after a half hour of me searching for her, because no one knew where in the emergency room she was. Fuckers.

I immediately grabbed a doctor, any doctor, and demanded she deal with my mother. 20 minutes later I was signing her out of Coney Island hospital against their recommendations, put my mother in our van, and drove her into the city to Memorial-Sloan's urgant care unit.

15 minutes later she was seen by a doctor. 2 hours later she was on her way to her room upstairs.

I got home at 1 AM. And now I'm at work.

And I'm tired.

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