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My year end post.

December 30th was an eventful day, and probably sums up my year nicely.

I woke up with someone I love very much in my bed, namely kathryntact. We ate breakfast at Lenny's Bagels near my apartment, and then went out with lolitasir to meet up with naylandblake to see his art show. We then ate a a great Malaysian/Thai restaurant in China Town, and we were off to next phase of the day.

Namely, visiting my mother in the hospital. Not knowing what precisely is wrong with her, it's a little nerving, and we're fairly certain she will spend the last hours of '08 and the 1st hours of '09 in the hospital. Still, we were able to calm her nerves and make her smile.

We then went home, watched some TV, and I had a phone call that ensured one of my relationships would enter the new year without drama or confusion. I made up with someone who I needed to make up with.

Kathryn and I cleaned my house, and then I had a phone call which brought in a whole other wave of family drama. So much so that I finally resorted to three shots of apple sake to calm my nerves.

We then went to bed. And had amazing mind-blowing sex. And then slept.

There is a good microcosm of my year. Love surrounded me. Friendship made it all worthwhile. Health crises continued to plague us, but each time we met the challenges head on. I spent a lot of time visiting my parents in the hospital. There were family dramas that made things difficult.

I've had some jaw-dropping amazing sex.

I did some really cool shit this year, like tallymastering the 30th International Mr. Leather contest. I taught at new events, like Thunder in the Mountains. I was Program Director for TES Fest '06, and I think our programming rocked. I made new play partners, had some great connections. I lived.

All in all, it wasn't the worst of years. 2007 had pretty much sucked through and through. 2008 showed me the glimpses of a good year.

Onward and upward. Happy new year everyone.

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