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1st post of the year.

Is it strange that I feel guilty that I haven't posted until 8 days into the new year? It's almost like I've disappointed the mind-bogglingly large number of people who read me.

So, I suppose a life update is in order. The holiday break was amazing, even with all of its challenges. kathryntact and I spent a blissful almost 2 weeks together, and it felt really nice to have the time to be the couple we have become. From being lazy and lounging in each others arms all day on the couch watching TV and movies together, to touring Dyker Heights in Brooklyn to look at all the crazy Christmas lights, to spending quality time with friends over chow and chemistry sets. It was wonderful.

My mother is alive and well, happily ensconced once again at home. We were able to serve as her chariot ride home on the Saturday after New Years, and she was thrilled to be home. Thank you all for your messages of concern.

Life is plugging away now, setting up travel plans to attend Arisia (though I probably won't be seen too much at the event proper), South Plains Leatherfest, Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, IMsL, and Frolicon off in the distance.

Also, there is one post I like to remind people about every now and then. Many years back I did a meme where people recalled how and when they met me. I'd love to see more people answer it - I know there are a lot of you reading me. Even those of you who are really close to me - jog your memory and write something down! It's fun to go back into memory lane. The post can be found here.

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