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An open letter to stupid behavior.

NOTE - This is a rant. This is not PC. It might not make me friends. I'm posting it anyway.

Another year, another opportunity to rant and rave about the same thing. Last year, in the months leading up to Leather Retreat, I wrote a post deploring a certain behavior pattern observed on the event's community website. You see, this event, and several like it, offer up a community system that allows attendees to post and browse profiles, make play dates, host parties, and other cool social networking opportunities.

It's an awesome system.

One of the profile browser's features is to view a list of who posted or changed their profiles most recently. The most recent comes at the top of the list. Due to the immediateness, this feature is what I suspect to be the most viewed page on the system. Every day, most attendees check this list to see if their friends are coming, or if there is someone new and cool that they want to meet.

Which is great! Until attention whores abuse the privilege.

I wrote about this last year under a friend's only locked post. Those on my friends list can read the original here.

With Dark Odyssey Winter Fire quickly approaching, the people who inspired last year's post are doing it again. So now I take this to a wider audience.

There is a group of individuals who together find it necessary year after year after unbelievable year to ensure that their profiles are always on the top of the list. They go into their profile and change something - a space, a period, maybe even nothing... and that way their profile is on the top once again.

And. It. Drives. Me. Mad.

Does this really work? Are you enjoying an overabundance of play partners because they saw your profiles up on top??? I mean, is there a social class system in place here where only those on top of the Recent Profiles page are cool and worthy of play, and others down below are not? I certainly haven't experienced this... I'm certainly not complaining about the amount of action I've received at past events. But who knows? Maybe I'm missing the boat! Maybe by not ensuring my place at the top of the list I'm a giant loser who is SOOOOOO pathetic that my profile is 2-hours out of date!!! Oh no! I'M NOT COOL BECAUSE I'M NOT THE MOST RECENT PROFILE ON THE LIST!!!!! I must commit sepuku!!!!!! Aieeeee it hurts!!!

Oh wait. That's right. I don't endlessly change my profile because I actually have a life.


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