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Why? Why not?

The new flavored brands of Frosted Mini-Wheats are very yummy. I just had the blueberry flavor, and I was happily surprised.

I just had cereal and milk for dinner, yes.

Did I do this because:

a) I'm lazy.
b) I'm physically and emotionally tired from work, and didn't want to do anything that required effort.

(Answer - Yes.)

I teach tomorrow night with lolitasir for TES-TNG. It's a brand new class making its debut - Co-Topping. I'm excited, even if I feel very unprepared. It'll be great. If you're under 35, do come down.

Also, T-Shirt Hell is shutting down (wah!). I just made one last purchase (snif!). The recession sucks (bawl.)

I need a massage. Just sayin'.


Jan. 29th, 2009 04:49 am (UTC)
Co-topping! That's my favorite thing ever! I never thought to teach a class on that...I may have to steal your idea and teach co-topping here in the midwest. Speaking of teaching, I have a friend looking to bring people in for an event at a college. Do you still teach for free if people pay your travel expenses?