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Modern technology... almost there.

That was one of xkcd's comic strips last week. I find it delightful that today I downloaded (thanks to a tip from spike) the Kindle iPhone app. And what was the first book I bought and had wirelessly sent to my phone? Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, of course.

Why did I do it? Don't I already own a printed copy?

Sure. But think about it. Hitchhikers Guide, a fictional device that has a screen and lots of buttons and stores books upon books worth of information. The Kindle, an actual device, already in its second form, that has a screen and lots of buttons and stores books upon books. I had to then turn my iPhone, a device with really only two actual buttons but still has a lovely screen, into an even more elegant form of the previous two devices*. And, meta-idiot that I am, read the original screenplay on it.

I got to admit, technology is impressing me lately. But they're forgetting the instant transporters. Hello! Where's my beaming???

I mean, really. Hitchhikers debuted on BBC Radio in 1978. Star Trek appeared on the boob tube in 1966.That's a 12 year difference, my friends. By my math, if we got the Guide in phyiscal form in 2008, we should have been beaming our asses off since 1996.

I'm waiting.

* Saving $359 was pretty cool too.

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