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A rare (ok, not that rare, really) glimpse into my relationship.

Some of you have previously marveled at the Boymeat and kathryntact show seen at various SM events around the country. You might think that such wacky, frivolous, and downright Muppet-esque behavior is reserved for public events, and that when we are in person we are much more sedate.

You would be wrong.

See, after almost two years of relationship amazingness, it has become quite evident that the show you see at events is actually precisely what takes place day after day after day. In fact, the mere notion that we will be living together* come the end of May should have television producers banging down our door for the publishing rights.

For example, I will give you an exchange that occurred today through e-mail. These e-mails are all copied here verbatim for your pleasure.

Kathryn - RAWR
Boymeat - Moo.
K - Mrow.
B - Oink.
K - Sqeek.
B - Ribbit.
K - Cluck.
B - Quack.
K - Tweet.
B - Chirp.
K - Neigh.
B - Woof.
K - Whimper.
B - Hot.
K - Hee.
B - Lick.
K - Moan.
B - Thrust.
K - Squirm.
B - Choke.
K - Gasp.
B - Grind.
K - Twitch.
B - Punch.
K - Bite.
B - Restrain.
K - Shudder.
B - Cum.
K - Swallow.
B - Smoke.
K - Laugh.
B - Hee.
K - Rawk.
B - Hell's...
K - Erm.
B - ...yeah.
K - D'oh.

* Like how I snuck that in there? I'm such a stinker. Hee!

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