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Where Boymeat will be.

Where I will definitely be.

April 9-12 - Frolicon, Atlanta
Teaching Flogging, Piss Play, & Electricity

June 20 - Leather Pride Night, NYC
Tally Deity

June 21 - Folsom Street East, NYC

July 2-5 - TES Fest 2009, NYC/NJ
Teaching 3 classes TBD

July 17-19 - Thunder in the Mountains, Denver
Teaching Co-Topping (with lolitasir), Metal Bondage (with lolitasir), and probably Incest Play

October 23-25 - Kinky Kollege, Chicago
Teaching Piss Play & Incest Play

Where I might be.

May 21-25 - International Mr. Leather, Chicago

June 24-29 - Leather Retreat, the wilds of northern Maryland

September 16-21 Dark Odyssey, the wilds of northern Maryland

October 30 - November 2 - Black Rose, Washington DC

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