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A moment to reflect in awe.

Sometimes, life feels like it is just struggling to get by, grinding out the days with the eye set on climbing back into that bed and escaping for a while.

And yet other times, if you let it... if you really just let go and allow life to shower you with everything it has, which is a hard thing to do sometimes... it will bring you joys and adventures and passion by the crate full.

Me? I'm letting life do its thing. Life is showering me in kind... wonderfully.

This Friday, I embark on a grand adventure that has no ending. On Friday I fly down to the beaches of North Carolina to spend a long weekend with my love and her family. On Monday, we load up her car, take George the Cat along and drive 9 hours north. There, my home will become our home. A new adventure will start, one that involves co-habitation and the merging of lives and introducing a cat to a full tank of was-pretty-secure-with-life-until-now fishies.

Early this morning, a girl quietly left my apartment for the airport after a whirlwind three days of mutual exploration and discovery. Under the amazingly wonderful auspices of approval from our respective partners, this girl and I were free to explore life with the trappings of power and desire, and found it much to our tastes. A new adventure begins with a girl in service to me, and me laughing and giggling all the way to the bank.

I really sometimes have to stop and wonder how my life got to be this good. Clearly I don't really deserve all these wonderful bounties... clearly I must be looking behind my shoulder at all times to look out for the bounty-bank owner who is clearly stalking me to return my prize back to its vault.

I have the love of my life coming to live with me. And I have a wonderful girl flying away to digest the amount of power she has handed to me. And me?

I'm in awe.

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