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Getting back to this journaling thing.

I can't believe I left you all for so long with nothing to look at but me as an ugly crab. Suffice to say, the culprit responsible for that bit of horrid genetic manipulation was kathryntact, with a photo taken at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores in Atlantic Beach. Cute as it may have been, it also garnered me the most LJ "defriending" than any other post in my 9 years on LJ. Guess we have a lot of crab-phobic people around.

So why the silence? Change. A whole boatload of it. Wonderful, terrifying, life improving and accenting change. All positive changes, but still, scary. Change is scary by default. Thus, a little bit of journal silence, as we waited for the dust to settle.

What changed, you might ask? I'll tell ya.

New relationships have happened in the past few weeks, in the most unexpected ways (of course.) Since we have all last spoke, I have taken possession of a lovely girl who is now my pet. In true Boymeat fashion, this is a long-distance relationship - this time from San Francisco to New York - but it's working out well. It feels good to be once again exploring formalized D/s, and this time being done even more intelligently than I have ever managed before. My previous attempts at ownership have all been plagued with issues here and there... jealousy issues, secondary relationships with the lack of a primary, misspoken goals and misunderstanding of where one stood in the others life, and then the biggest culprit in my recent history: the lure of a shiny thing. To put it bluntly, my last attempt at long distance D/s ended in cataclysmic failure, and all of it due to me horrendously fucking up. I fucked up so hard, resulting in so much pain, that from that point on I instituted a Boymeat Bitchslap Committee. A group of individuals who I trust with my life, and thus have been given full permission to slap me upside the head, and frankly commit any other acts of egregious violence they deem necessary, for when my shiny thing radar goes off and I risk fucking up again.

Thankfully, my new acquisition comes with the approval of everyone who has been asked. She comes with a primary partner who approves, and my primary partner approves as well. This bodes well for the future. So everyone say hello to animedarling, my new pet. :-)

Did anything else change? Oh boy did it.

Many of you might have picked up from older posts of mine that my partner-in-crime/life/insanity/love/holyshitwhataretheydoingnow?! kathryntact was going to be moving in. I can now proudly say that we are no longer a long distance couple, but instead are living in sin in the most grandest of fashions. The past 2 weeks have been spent reforming a horribly disorganized, filthy, dark bachelor den for one into a loving, bright, comfortable home for 3 - me, Kathryn, and the one hardest to please, George the cat.

While the 1st week was full of rocky emotions and nerves as this grand adjustment to our lives took place, I'm happy to report that in week #2, we seem to have found our groove in living together bliss. Kathryn and I are such a team that meshing our lives together has been amazingly easy (at least for me.) We have built out space for her in the apartment, and will slowly be changing things around to make sure it feels like home. George mostly hid for a week, but has since begun to claim parts of the apartment as his. Windowsill? All his.

I can honestly say that waking up and going to sleep with my Kathryn is wonderful. I sleep better, I smile more, I feel more content. Life is good with her here... nay... life is better with her here. And that's precisely what it should be, right? An improvement, a step in the right direction, something added that makes life more complete. Yes, with our co-habitation, I have that now.

I love having Kathryn in my home... in our home. It feels and is right. Simple as that.

So, I'm back. And you can look forward to more posts from me in the future. It's good to see you again.

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