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Stuff and where I'll be.

Note to people filling out personal profiles on SM sites everywhere - if you are into canes, then you are into caning. One "n", not two. Canning is the art of sealing things into cans. Much different, and will probably get you less dates. Just sayin'.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all of my friends at Leather Pride Night this year. It's the one event every year in NYC that I look forward to the most. I'm a part of the committee that puts this event on, and I'm really proud of what we're able to pull off each and every year. It's the one time a year that every cross section of the NYC/Tri-State community comes out for - straight, bi, trans, gay, lesbian, queer, backpatch leather clubs, cross-dressers and the Imperial Court, vamps and goths, bears... everyone. Come on out, take in the eye candy, make some new friends, buy some fabulous items while supporting amazing charities.

I'm also really looking forward to having kathryntact with me this year during Leather Pride Weekend. It's literally my favorite weekend in NYC, hands down. I'm looking forward to showing her LPN, holding her hand at Folsom Street East, and getting in some out-in-the-open play at the fair. So excited!

Just as I catch my breath from the weekend, I'll be packing the van and heading south. Leather Retreat is the very next weekend, and things are heating up. I have a few interesting play dates lined up, and will have my pet, animedarling with me as well. I'm not teaching this year, but I just got invited to be the singletail station at an event their calling "A Taste of the Extreme." An exploratium on crack, so to speak. Should be tons of fun. And once again, the Boymeat Kaning Korner will be open in the front of OINK! cabin. Standing under the sign means consent for a caning. You've been warned.

It's a good thing that I'll have relaxed (ha!) at camp, because the very NEXT weekend is July 4th, which is the home of none other than TES Fest. This will be a very different year for me than last... I'm not involved in any official capacity other than teaching. I'll be teaching Piss Play, Incest Role Play, and a class still TBD (I think caning, but I'm not sure.) It should be a good time, as lots of my friends will be there, and most importantly, kathryntact will be at my side.

After a few weekends off, it's on a plane once again to Colorado for Thunder in the Mountains. I'm really excited about my class line up this year. lolitasir and I are teaching two classes together - Co-Topping, and Metal Bondage. We've taught these a few times together now, and it is an absolute blast! Rounding out my schedule will be me teaching my Incest Role Play class. My pet will be with me for that one too.

So, lots of fun on the horizon!!!

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