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Weather, I'm breaking up with you.

Dear weather,

I understand your need to be noticed and paid attention to. We all love a little attention, and thus I didn't complain when you decided to celebrate the beginning of June with rain.

I was a little annoyed when you decided that the second week of June also merited rain.

Now we're in the third week, and I have to say, we really need to talk. I think you need to take another look at your actions in this relationship and maybe consider some other avenues to express yourself. Because by showering me with constant wetness or consistently threatening me with it, you are oppressing all the other forms of expression you could be taking.

In other words, knock it the fuck off. You've overplayed the rain card. Seriously. Pick another expression, or I just might have to break up with you.

Oh, and if you decide to rain during Leather Pride Night, or Folsom Street East, or Leather Retreat, I will scream very loudly. I'll scream so loud that you'll... you'll... well, you'll just have to exclaim "wow, that was very loud."

Really. We're done with the rain. Thanks.


PS: I could love you again. Think about it.

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