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Tired of this disease.

I hate diabetes. I hate it with more hatred than I have ever felt in my entire life.

Diabetes has taken a friend away from us recently. His fight against the disease was all-consuming, requiring horrible sacrifices, bending of will and dignity, and in the end requiring organ transplants to provide hope for a normal life. Unfortunately, his battle was lost, and we in turn lost an amazing man. RIP Flagg.

Diabetes almost took my father away from us. Over 3 years ago, he was sent to the hospital feverish and dizzy. We discovered that an infected diabetic tumor in his left leg had cause his system to go septic. He was given a 50% shot to live through that night, and a 10% chance to keep his leg thereafter. It was eerily similar to Flagg's battle. My father fought, suffered, and lived through a horrible 2 and a half year battle to keep his leg. 2 long stays at rehab centers filled with the invalid and those whose minds have departed. Living in places where people are sent to die, and expected to maintain his humor and his will to live. My father on several occasions seemed ready to throw it all away, to give up... but in the end he was a lucky one, and is now driving and walking on two legs, and is over a 100 pounds lighter than when we started.

Diabetes is contributing to the struggle of another friend to the community as we speak. A legend in the scene, Mr. Marcus, is lying sick in San Francisco, fighting to continue living.

I hate diabetes. I hate that this subversive disease has caused so much struggling, so much agony. I hate that we lost Flagg, I hate that it reminds me how close I was to losing my own father, I hate to think that we will lose a man like Mr. Marcus, who was so sweet to me everytime he saw me.

I am donating to the American Diabetes Foundation right now. This disease needs to end. I need to stop fighting the need to cry. Please join me.

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