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Computer = dead.

I know, I've been bad. I haven't posted here in so long I'm sure people have forgotten all about me. A combination of domestic bliss and harmonious happiness with my partner, [info]kathryntact,  along with the growing fabulousness that is my relationship with my slave animedarling , along with travels across the country spreading the joys of perversion have kept me from writing. 

In short, I'm really really really happy right now. And when I'm happy, I tend to not write, but instead do a lot of reading. I have been keeping this happiness closer to my heart.

But I promise I will endeavor to write some more. Really.

Of course, there is sadness in my life today, and thus a post! My computer died what I'm beginning to suspect is its final death yesterday. It just won't turn on. Well, let's get more specific than that. The computer does turn on (so it's not the power box), it then goes to the initial screen showing my computer manufacturer's logo and the Intel inside logo, and then nothing. No Windows boot up, no BIOS, nothing. Which says to me it's not the hard drive either, but instead the motherboard.

Which really really really sucks. I was planning on buying a new computer, but honestly, not just yet.

Tonight we're gonna shop for a Netbook to hold us over until I can afford my new main machine. Anyone have any suggestions or favorites? Windows please... I'm just not ready for a jump to Linux.


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