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How to know you're loved... or, how Phil is an idiot.

These are the things that prove to me I am loved.

  • She does the stupid sound the third time.
You know when your partner makes some sound that is really funny? Like a botched word, or a squeak, or something to that effect? And you want to hear it again, so you say do it again. And they do! And you want to hear it a third time. And they always say no. No one ever does the third time. My girlfriend does!

  • You say you want $randomstupidthing, and she actually searches for it for you!
Examples: those really cool looking at first but really dumb in the end "flannel" jackets that the US Olympic Snowboarders were wearing. She actually searched a good half hour for those. Or, that fake hip-hop fish jingle in the latest McDonalds Filet-O-Fish commercials. She found the full :30 second version on YouTube for me. Literally dropped what she was doing. And then we found this.

  • When we both can't afford to go to an event we both love, she's open to sending me stag.
Oh Frolicon, you may not happen this year. But if magic allows it, I just may appear in a puff of magical smoke.

  • When you want to make yourself a pot of macroni-in-cheese, because you just can't shake those bad habits you had when you lived alone, and you need a pot that is currently in the sink because you dirtied it a few nights before, she actually washes it for you so you can have your Velveeta crap.
Really. Tonight even.

  • Dude. You're Boymeat, and yet she still manages to love you.
I rest my case.

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