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Boymeat gets cultured! (heh heh heh)

On Sunday, kathryntact , rogueboi, and the fabulous Michael who is not on LJ went to the NYC Medieval Faire, located in Ft. Tyron park near the Cloisters. Seeing as most of them had never been to the Cloisters, an exploration took place. And we saw glorious, religious art! And which pieces did I decide to photograph, you might ask?

Oh, the dirty ones, of course.

There were many beautiful pieces, all very religious-oriented dating from the 12th to 17th centuries. Gorgeous, breath taking stuff. I took a lot of photos, but there are a few that merit a kinky posting.

Such as what I like to call, "Bring in the Mohel!!!!"

iPhone 437

Then there was this amazing tapestry. See us gaze at the wonders.

iPhone 442

But wait, what's that I see?

iPhone 440

Could it be? Yes! It is! Medieval leg irons!!!

iPhone 441

Yay Jebus penis! Yay metal bondage! Woot!

Ah, art. A cultured experience... and hot!

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