Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Bring an IMsL to IMsL

Come and Join the Bootblack Brigade at the Historic Stonewall Inn in NYC for an evening to benefit the 25th anniversary of International Ms. Leather.

Let's help send an IMsL to IMsL!!
Raffles and Prizes!!!

Prizes from:
Purple Passion
Le Chateau Exotique
Dr Clockwork
Books by Laura Antoniou
DVDs from Midori
A full registration packet for the 2012 International Ms Leather!
Dehner's boots
and more...

One of the main focuses in April will be bringing our history alive. IMsL is planning panel discussions with all of their International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack alumni about IMsL's past, present and future; one-on-one interviews with each titleholder; an Alumni Party that welcomes each and every contestant for the last 25 years back to share their memories; displays of memorabilia, photographs, videos and articles; and more. Of course IMsL intends to cover all of this with high quality video and sound recordings so that it may be preserved for the future and shared widely with all of our communities.

Come out Saturday night and join us at the Stonewall to help IMsL record the history while we enjoy the present and look towards the future!


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