Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

The forgotten joys of journaling.

Perhaps it is feeling my age, or perhaps just my life-long fantasy of taking on the rolls of either Statler or Waldorf, but I'm a bit tired today.

I'm a bit tired of Twitter. The one-liners constantly flow, and it is nigh impossible to stay current with the flow. An hour or two without checking, and a whole portion of life could very well have passed you by. A day? A week? You are almost hopelessly out of touch.

I suppose I can consider myself one of the out-of-touch ranks. A long work week combined with travel and family life has pretty much eliminated my personal counter into the lives of others on my Twitter feed, and has in turn taken away my desire to keep hitting that refresh button.

I also spent some time the other day re-reading old LJ entries. You know how it goes... someone says something which prompts a memory of something you once wrote, and then you search for that writing, and the next thing you know you're clicking "next entry" over and over again until you've read more than a year of words written the past.

It made me realize how much I miss it. Remember that joy that went into writing a journal entry? The creativity that sometimes went in? Or what about the ability to reach out for a personal yet digital connection with others, that you can easily find again? The comments back to you and the comments to those comments always there to pull up and read once again.

Remember that community we all built? I got onto Livejournal because I had met a merry band of Boston folks. Livejournal was my constant connection to them. It gave me the opportunity to learn about them, read their thoughts, experience their lives. I can honestly and truly credit this old clunky site for dozens upon dozens of friendships, some still glowing bright, others wonderful memories. Wasn't that... well... cool? 

Here's to me turning a new leaf. Taking LJ back, to coin Kevin Smith. I promise to write more here - because even if no one is left to read it, I honestly miss the joys of writing in long-form. Here's to more than 128 characters! And yeah, I'll probably Tweet that I posted, because what is a journal post if not partially a desire for attention? *shrug*

So, hello again. Let's see if we can stick around here a little bit longer.

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