Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

A weekend of sorts...

It was a really nice, eventful weekend. Then why am I sitting here feeling somewhat unsatified? Sitting in my Brooklyn apartment on a gorgeous Sunday day is not how I would have preferably spent today. Ah, forget the bad stuff... lets look at the good stuff.

Friday night had 2 lovely visitors in the afternoon. The first was surprising... and, it was nice. It feels good to connect. The second was expected, and was wonderful. We spent a nice amount of time getting to know each other, which was very nice. We have probably known each other for at least 2 years, but we have never actually connected like this weekend. Good stuff.

That night we went to the Lion's Den to see my buddy Jeremy's band, The Dreamscapes Project. Well... lets see.... how was the show... hmmm. Is it any hint that I am listening to their CD for probably the 5th time as I write this? Amazing musicians in that band... blew me away with their rythyms, stop beats, and amazing use of silence. The lead singer has the most interesting voice... the best description I can give is a mix of folk meets Pantera. Good stuff. And Jeremy... damn! I had no idea you could play bass like that. Bravo!

Saturday was spent wandering the city... spent a nice amount of time in the Times Square Toys R Us. I love that store... so many things to see. Bought a HUGE package of nerds... which Neptune later managed to choke on. Histerical stuff.

That night was the Leather Seder. Friends of mine know that I am far from religous, and, I will admit, I originally was excited to go only for the company. But this Haggadah connected with me. I felt my religious self stir, something I have not felt since my Grandfather's funeral. And for the first time, I was able to truly analyze the words I was reading, instead of just plainly seeing them as words written by nameless and faceless people. I indentified with the text... took the story of Exodus and related it to my own life. Our hosts are amazingly skilled at inspring the inclusion of personal experience into religous text. I have lots of thinking to do... much analysis. Never ending.

Today I sit here, alternating mindless web surfing with actual work. Have a long week ahead of me, with some good stuff. I get to spend a night with my Leather Mommy who is in town from LA until Thursday. That makes me happy. And, I am getting together with a new friend on Friday night. Then the TNG social on Saturday night. Busy busy busy.

Still... I can't help thinking... today would have been a really nice day for dim sum.

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