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And another weekend in history...

What a lovely weekend. My doctor must have been feeling kind... he prescribed for me two fantastic weekends in a row. Strangely enough, both in non-SM settings (though with people who I met in SM functions, so it all comes full circle I guess).

It amazes me how one by one people in Boston are taking me in with open arms. I love the friendliness up there, the warmth, the incestual links! (I mean, really, how many degrees of seperation exist up there??? 0.2?) It amazes me how someone can allow me in their house, all coming off recomendations of friends and a wife (who didn't know me that well herself... but I can confidentely say we took care of that.)

:::rolling, rollling, rolling down the river...:::::

I love Boston. But I can never live there. Too damned addictive. ;-) I'll be back on the Freedom Trail in two weeks. Addicted.

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