Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

How could I forget?

Today, I found my music again. I can't believe I left it to the side for so, so long. But tonight, I found it, and awoke again to that side of me that is so important. Music has always filled my life... and I really left it aside for a long time.

Tonight, it was reacquainting myself with friends old and somewhat new. I skipped and jumped throughout the musical spectrum. Depeche Mode, Morcheeba, Massive Attack, Gomez, Cake, Dzihan & Kamien, Clutch, Jane's Addiction... I jumped and skipped and danced and laughed. A tear now and then... music has always hit the emotional side of me. But, it was a good thing.

The apartment hunt continues. I have a lead... an amazing lead on a 1-bedroom apartment, that is going frightingly cheap. Problem is the guy is waffling... now he's not sure if he actually wants to rent it out. I have succumbed to begging. A letter-writing campaign may soon take place. ;-) He's a fellow leather activist, so he should be expecting it. *evil grin*

I see images of me in my apartment, the sun shining in, my music playing nice and loud, lifting me as I flutter through my place. I have the dream. Now I need to make it a reality.

I'm living. I'm still here.

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