Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Body modification musings

So, I'm seriously considering getting my nipples pierced.

This is going to come as quite a surprise to many of you, because you know how adverse I am to piercing. But, the thought invaded my brain last night, and I have been steadily analyzing it. I love the look, especially on larger men, like me. Nice silver rings on a large upper body, mixed in with chest hair... very hot.

I would also appreciate having my nipples larger, which I believe the piercings would help achieve. I have VERY small nipples... in fact, I wonder if it can even be done based on the size of mine. I think so.

But, there is a deeper reason why I would like them done. I got my tattoo the day before I turned 21. This was very meaningful for me, because I felt I was at the crossroads of a new part of my life, and I wanted the tattoo to symbolize that. And it did... I continue to think back at how my life has changed, and judge it pre-tattoo/post-tattoo in many ways.

I feel like I am approaching another one of those crossroads. If I were to get this done, it would probably be during Dungeon 801 in October, where I am one of the presenters. My favorite piercer and Leather Grandmother, Sharrin will be there teaching as well. I would be surrounded by my leather family, and close friends who would understand the significance of this for me, and would help contribute to the overall energy of the room. And, I think October is going to be a meaningful month for me. I don't know why, I just do.

I need to work through whether or not I can handle the pain. But, I think the pain will be worth it. I am 90% ready to set my mind towards this.

This is new for me. This is interesting. I like this.

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