Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Anger times infinity

OK, smoke is still burning out of my fucking ears, but at least I have resisted shaking him down and single tailing his balls for the time being.

So, the fucker writes about almost everything I told him in the van ride down. I'm gonna need to remember to wash the passenger side seat.

I feel so betrayed right now. But,I don't feel guilt. I did what anyone experienced in the scene would do. I welcomed a newbie. I know I'm not at blame here. No, instead, all I feel is seething, furious, intense rage. I had no idea he was an undercover reporter. But now that I know, I'm gonna nail his fucking balls to the wall.

Already called my friends at the NCSF. Next steps will be figured out soon.

And god damn it! If you're gonna write about what a sick fuck I am, at least get my kinks right!!! ARGH!!!!

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