Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

World vs. Nerve

Thank you all for all your words of support and willing to lend in a hand. With article number three up now (you need to figure out the link, it hasn't been listed on the hompage yet), more people are being talked about by my good old buddy Grant. Ah Grant, I feel like I know you so well... almost like a roommate. Hmmm... I've always felt the need to murder most of my roommates. Funny that.

As mentions of me in each article happen, his image of me worsens. I do believe I will be portrayed as a psycho-killer by epidode 5. I'm actually beginning to look forward to the new articles. Each piece increases my pity for this dim-witted shithead.

The phone thing he mentions in epidode 3 WAS strange. Finally, he got something right. Its amazing how things look so much stranger when you look back at them. As I've gone on cigarette breaks, I've caught myself fantasizing of the ride down to camp... and that in this version, I had left him running for my van screaming as I pulled out of a rest area in Southern NJ. Have fun figuring out how to get home!!!

I also have been given a peek to certain details he has left out of the third piece. (Thank you by the way for that.) How delightful! I can't wait for those little facts to be brought out to the surface.

I think people posting comments to the pieces are working. They took the photo that they used without permission down... I'm glad to see we have caused some reactions. Friends, keep your comments coming. Sooner or later they'll learn that they fucked with the wrong people.

Haven't gone national with that request yet. I expect it to happen by tonight.

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