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Here is what is being sent out to activist lists nationwide. They apparantely took down all the comments - guess its working. Now is the next step. Please read the action alert below. Thanks again for all your help!

Hello everyone...

As you may have heard, has been publishing a series of stories written by a man named Grant Stoddard about Leather Retreat, an event that happened recently. Readers of part 1 of this story can see the adventures of the author driving down to camp with a person named "Manflesh." Well, quite obviously, Manflesh is me... and I need all your help.

Grant had approached me as a registrant of the event, asking for a ride down. As many of us would do, I reached out to someone who I thought was a novice to our community, and gave him a ride down. I also talked with him as to what
to expect, what has happened before, and other fun little stories. I took him in, introduced him to my friends.

What I DIDN'T know was that the kind young man was an undercover reporter for I think if you all read these pieces (its being told in 5 parts - 1-4 are already up --, you'll see the shoddy journalism, the made up stories, and the simple unethical garbage that is being written. This was a private event, and he had no right writing these pieces. Not to mention he publicly admits that he was refused entry as a reporter, and then decided to report on the event anyway.

Personally, I feel duped, used, and pretty low. I took someone in, and had it blow up in my face. In addition, my friend's and my own personal lives are being written about without any permission or even respect. I am now asking
all you to help get these horrible excuses for journalism off the web.

I have already been in contact with Susan from the NCSF, and a call has been placed to one of their editors. I do believe its time to make our voices heard. There are two ways of doing this.

1) Below each article on is a button offering the option of placing a comment. You'll see that many have already done so, and the editors have been responding. I ask you to please add your voices to this. (NOTE - at the
time of sending this, the comment system is suddenly down.)

2) A letter written to the people in charge of Nerve, along with the editors. Below is a sample letter. Please use this letter as inspiration for your own efforts. It is essential that we point out that this was a private event, and that this was completely unethical reporting. Please do not go into specific SM activities - that will only serve to add to the fire. I have also went ahead and listed all the important names and e-mail addresses for Nerve staff below.

Thank you everyone for your time on this.
Phillip Wolf
aka Boymeat

Re: Letters from Leather Camp

I was very upset to see you sent a reporter, Grant Stoddard, to a private adult event and are now publishing articles about this event. It's like sending an undercover reporter to a private party at someone's house and then
reporting on it. Leather Camp clearly is a private event which prohibits photography
and had by the authors admission had already denied entry to reporters. Leather Camp is a place for adults to go and explore their fantasies in a safe, sane and consensual setting. Your reporter violated the trust of every individual
he spoke to, taking their private confidences and activities, and publishing them for everyone to see. [If you attended Leather Camp, you can say how you feel your privacy has been violated.]

Please refrain from publishing additional letters about Leather Camp from Grant Stoddard, and in the future, please give private events within the SM-Leather-Fetish community the respect we deserve.

Rufus Griscom - CEO and Publisher -
Michael Martin - Editor-in-chief -
Emma Taylor - Editor -
Lorelei Sharkey - Editor -
Grant Stoddard - Associate Editor -

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