Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,
boymeat update - we're doing good!

Our efforts with are definetely working. Thank you all so much for all your support... it is really nice to see a community band together against shoddy and unethical media practices!

There will be a statement coming sometime today from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF). They had contacted the editor-in-chief, and we have received a public apology from that I will post here later today. However, they will still keep the articles online.

What they plan on doing is collapsing the 5 pieces into one, and putting the comments area back online. This will include the reposting of most of the comments made... the only ones that will be left out are the personal details of Grant. FYI - we have confirmation that it was those postings that caused the comment section to be taken down in the first place. The comment area should be live by Friday.

Moving forward - post your opinions about the article within the comment area when it comes back up. Leave out any personal details of Grant's. Keep the letters coming though!

Our next goal is to see an apology from Grant himself. I ask of anyone who personally feels used or betrayed by Grant to write to him personally - Give him your stories - of how you were set up, how you took him in and were taken advantage of.

We're making a lot of impact. I understand that Grant has personally been feeling the effects of our efforts. In fact, I do believe that the articles have turned out much differentely due to the early start of our efforts. I believe the 3-5th pieces would have been much different if it wasn't for the enourmous amount of letters that came out.

Thank you all. For once, we're seeing an effect.

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