Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Nerve's "apology" and other things

Alright, so Nerve's editor-in-chief has given NCSF an apology of sorts.

'Michael Martin, Editor-in-Chief of stated to NCSF on June 19th:

"I'm sorry people are upset about this -- we never intended to take cheap shots at people or hurt people intentionally. We do present satirical pieces on but we reserve those for public figures. We did intend to preserve the confidentiality of the attendees of Leather Camp by changing their names.

" doesn't want to present an overly fluffy view of sexuality. Our intent is to explore sexual issues and present them fairly. We only ask that you read to the end of Letters from Leather Camp to see the entire piece before making your comments.

" will be combining the series into one entire piece and will put up the Comments section again on Friday, June 20th. The Comments were removed because personal details were revealed about the reporter whose name and photo is on the Nerve website. On Friday, please do send us your comments, criticisms, weigh in, and express your feelings about Grant Stoddard's piece. Feel free to send your personal comments about Grant directly to him, but in the public forum of, please do not post them."

Not perfect by any means, but its a start. Now I have one main goal - a public apology from Grant himself.

I think its time to write MY letters to the editor. I've restrained myself so far... everytime I tried my anger came through way too much. Lets see what I can work up now that a few days have passed. Let me know if you want to see what I write.

Again everyone, thank you. We're doing good.

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