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Parents and joy

I have the funniest parents in the world. Now, this post won't help any of you believe that, but trust me. They rock.

They're on their first vacation in lord knows how many years. The last time I can remember them going away was when my little brother was a kid... he's 18 now. Since then has been being poor, dirt poor, moderately poor, sick and poor, really sick and poor... well, you get it. Now, brother is away for the summer, no medical calamities to speak of, and enough money to allow some of life's little luxuries. So off into the Pimp Daddy Van (tm) they went.

And would you believe... I had to call them to make sure if they were still alive!!! They have been having so much fun that they became the irresponsible children, not calling home to check in. They went to Hershey Park, PA... today a Harley-Davidson factory in York. And tomorrow they visit Lancaster, a favorite spot of my fathers when he was young. I have memories of them taking me there when I was 5 or 6... riding a classic steam engine, visiting the old colonial Lancaster... lots of fun.

I'm so proud of them. After the horrible lives they have lived, they deserve to smile. I'm happy I could do my part to help that happen.

The sunset is gorgeous out right now... absolutely breathtaking with color. I'm gonna go out on my terrace and enjoy it.



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Jul. 29th, 2003 08:45 pm (UTC)
sounds ike my folks, except for the HD part. Dad would have fit in a classic car show instead.

Glad you're happy. Post more often!
Jul. 29th, 2003 09:34 pm (UTC)
Pretty van (hee hee - remind me to punch you).
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