Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

A note about my hairstylist

Disclaimer in advance - my full out exhaustion is the thing to blame for this post. Call me delerious.

I felt I should add here a note about my hairstylist. He is quite the amazing man. He is the only person in my entire 26 (oh god, I'm gonna be 27 soon!!!!) years of life that has made short hair look decent on my head. That is saying a WHOLE lot.

But, there are other things about him. In NY we call him Hairstylist to the Leather Community... there are so many of us NY kinksters who's hair he cuts. He is a player, and was even a featured character of the P&P way back when. The man has barber-chair wisdom (see my post a long time ago, when he stole my hat).

When he cuts my hair, I generally am allowed absolutely no input. This makes sense, considering he is very close with Lolita and does her hair as well... and, he knows of my relationship with her. So, he decided to extend it another branch. He tortures me, makes my hair look all funky then show off to anyone who might be near, etc etc etc. But I give it right back, breaking his stride by grabbing him between the legs at times. So, its all good. And, I must say, my hair does look good (now if I could just do something about what is underneath the hair.) The only time I am allowed input on my hair is right before Memorial Day... that is when I get the IML cut. Most of you understand what I mean.

Edit - I have to add one more thing - it is the only situation of mine that I know of where I literally wonder who's cock is gonna be grabbed that day, mine or his. Gotta love that.

So, I do love him. I love him to death. He is the greatest hairstylist I have ever known, and woe is the day that he'll actually make good on his threats and move to Hawaii. But, if he ever calls me at 3 AM again, I'm gonna kick his ass.

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