Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

The adventures continue...

You see, I need to put up with the following every day. Its lots of fun.

My co-worker/partner in arms and I went down for a cigarette. We usually use this time to bitch about the office, our co-workers, and the universe as a whole. We also usually get interupted or otherwise distracted by one of the strange people in the neighborhood. There is lots of them to choose from. There are the meowers (one works in the building, and just meows and meows, the other walks around with a magnet attached to a long string, looking for change in the grates in the sidewalk, while meowing)... there is the guy with the hyena laugh, there is the guy who says hello to everyone (once told me what a bad day he was having, just because)... there is the strung out crystal meth addict who asks for money, and then curses you for 5 minutes for either not giving him any, or not giving him enough...

I digress...

So, today, we're having fun tearing a co-worker a new asshole, just between the two of us, when this older gent with a cane walks slowly towards us. We have a radar these days... we know before they begin that we will be approached. I've seen this guy around a lot, I think he goes to the OTB on the corner (what lovely neighboors that place brings). So, he sashays over to us, pardons us for the interuption, and the following dialogue takes place. M is my co-worker...

Man - Pardon me for interupting, but I wanted to introduce myself...
M - OK...
Man - My name is Steve.
M - Hi Steve.
Man - But, don't call me Steve. I go by Available Steve. (looking at both of us)

And he walks away. M pondered which one of us he was available for. I threatened violence if she was to ask him.

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