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Shopping adventures

So, in the past 2 weeks, I basically went on a lunatic shopping spree (thanks IRS for that rebate check!) Best part is I spent barely $100 for all this stuff. Yep... I succumbed to the ebay curse. But, damn, I can't believe I got all this:

1) Entire series of Earth X comic books, including issues 0, X, and the Wizard special

2) Set of three Naval Officer shirts that were worn by a shipman on the USS Oglethorp in the 1950's - two navy blue, one white (don't think I'm gonna be wearing the white one - it has blood stains on it) - but the blue ones look soooo cute.

3) A US Army Medical shirt - its a button down, a bright shade of blue, with a white embroidered US on the breast with the medical snake sign in the middle of the letters. I thought it would look great with leather pants - I was right.

4) A pair of Military Jungle Boots, with green canvas on top. Mmmmmm....

5) A US Air Force Enlisted Officer's uniform - and it fits!!!!!

Now I'm just waiting for the set of Universe X comic books to arrive, and I'm all set.

Oh yeah, I also got my new single tail recentely - a Rod Williams 4' 24 plat - my other one is a 16 plat. This one is going to rip through skin like butter.

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