Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Oh Friday, why aren't you here yet?

I'm practically counting the hours until 7 PM Friday. That is because at 7 PM on Friday, I board Delta Flight #6479 to Columbus Ohio. As some of you know, I'll be teaching two classes for Ohio Leatherfest.

This weekend is good on so many levels. One, I get to spend nice, quality time with two very special friends. Two, I get to play. Three, I get to play lots. Four, see two and three.

But, right this second, the reason I am most looking forward to it is that I am getting the hell out of this city. I need to go, be away, leave all the swiftly-growing piles of crap that is here and be away from it all. Leave people, situations, drama, everything behind for a weekend. Escape.

You know something... I've heard that escape is always the worst option, that it is the immature thing to do. I don't care. I'm doing it anyway. And I'm looking forward to it.

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