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CHECK US OUT AT http://www.tng3.org

TNG3: BDSM in the Big City knows what you want, and knows just how to give it to you.  That's why we've put together a blockbuster line-up of incredible presenters and panels for you to enjoy at the conference.

TNG3: BDSM in the Big City is a gathering of adults ages 18-35 whose sexuality embraces consensual dominance, submission, or the exploration of sensation and roleplay. Taking place September 19-21, 2003 and meeting in a number of locations, including some of New York City's hottest dungeons, clubs, and fetish stores, the event will provide many opportunities for discussion and networking as well as a fetish party and not one, but two play parties. The conference will feature experienced members of the Leather/BDSM community presenting classes on leadership, relationships, and skills at the Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center.

The following are just a few examples of the presentations, discussions, and panels that await you at TNG3.  Check out http://www.tng3.org for a full listing of classes and more information.  Questions can be directed to infotng3@tes.org.


TNG Panel:  Get To Know Your TNG Groups

Want to understand how to set up your very own TNG chapter?  Want to know what makes a group tick?  Want to learn how to deal with the organizational triumphs and setbacks by hearing others' experiences?  Boymeat will walk you through the history of TNG, providing colorful insights as only he can into what makes TNG tick.  If you're running a TNG group, thinking about starting a TNG group, or looking for ways to get more involved as a local leader, this class is an ABSOLUTE must!

BDSM Community & Activism
Susan Wright

Susan Wright is an accomplished author, respected BDSM activist, and skilled orator, in addition to being a legend in the BDSM scene.  She will present on activism in BDSM, with a focus particularly on TNG activism - ways to get your membership involved, causes that need emphasizing, and things that you can do, as a leader, to contribute to the BDSM community.


Polyamory Panel - Love for More Than Two
Petal, Scherzoid, Tessa, Spike, Daisy

Polyamory is a hot-button topic that sets a lot of nerves afire.  Our panelists will discuss the issues that go into a poly relationship from beginning to end.  Nobody likes drama - come to the class and learn ways to ensure that your relationships are fulfilling rather than destructive.

SM Without DS aka "SM Works 'Cause it Hurts!"

Delano in Distress, Devina, Miss Sarah
A panel on play focusing on sado-masochism without any dominance or submission. If you've ever said "screw the power exchange, just give me some good old pain", or are interested in this concept and the issues involved with it, this class is for you!


Mind Fucks - The Mind is the Best (W)hole to Fuck: Erotic Terrorism, Mind Fuck, and SM
LthrEdge (www.lthredge.com)

The Mind Fuck is the art of creating a scene that explores one's inner thrills and fears.  LthrEdge is a tremendously experienced and gifted BDSM player and teacher, and he'll use this class to share with you the techniques that work best to negotiate, initiate, navigate, and terminate a mind fuck scene.  For those who enjoy intense play, for those seeking to learn about play they haven't done before, and for those seeking perspective on their favorite activities, LthrEdge's Mind Fuck class has everything you could want.

Bondage:  TNG style
Bridgette and Mortis

Looking for ways to expand your bondage abilities?  Looking for new ideas on ways you can be trussed up?  Bridgette and Mortis are easily some of the most knowledgeable bondage fetishists in the scene today...PLUS THEY'RE TNGers!  They'll present on a wide range of materials, techniques, and positions to help share new knowledge (and colorful anecdotes) that will inspire your bondage experiences for years to come.

And Many More!!!!

In addition to these incredible classes, TNG3 registration gets you access to play parties, tours of New York, an art show and crafters' fair, and the world's largest day-long BDSM support circle!  More information on registration is available at http://www.tng3.org.  Come on along to TNG3 - all the cool kids will be there.


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Aug. 12th, 2003 10:05 am (UTC)
This is the first I've seen of some of the workshop topics -- looks great. (And yes, I'm registered!)

Have a great time this weekend!
Aug. 12th, 2003 11:39 am (UTC)
Now I am even more disappointed that I likely won't be able to attend :(
Aug. 12th, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)
Erotic Terrorism?


That's all I have to say about that...;)
Aug. 13th, 2003 02:03 am (UTC)
Ya'll misspelled my name AGAIN.
Damn- did Mortis not get the title to you guys in time, I sent two ideas to him and he never responded... grrr...
-BRIDGETT Harrington (please use the last name too in future if there is room as it is kinda my trademarky thingy majig)
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