Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Back to the drawing board...

Well, take one of Phil going to Ohio failed miserably. Despite everything, from the Delta website, to their agents on the phone, to 1010 WINS news radio said that the airports were open and departures were going. Delta told me my flight would be going on schedule.


No power at LaGuardia at all... so, we took a quick drive to Kennedy while trying to dial into Delta's reservation system. Failed at the dialing... the lack of power in Queens giving me no cell phone coverage. Kennedy was a zoo... no power in most of the terminals... only ones that had power was an international terminal and American. Delta did have 4 flights leaving Kennedy anyway... 3 international and Tampa, FL. Somehow, I decided that going to Ohio via Florida didn't make much sense.

Oh, forgot to mention, your hero like a DUMBASS left the air conditioned van with the parents when we got to Kennedy and told them to leave, BEFORE I realized that the place was a war zone. So, expensive cab ride later, here I am at home, about to pour through reservations and see if I can make it to Ohio some point tonight or tomorrow morn.


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